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Train Station by EveresshiaWind
Train Station
This is the train station. I'll try to get interior pics uploaded soon. This was the most complicated thing I've ever built. It too almost 3 days to complete. 
"Interview with a Goddess"


I followed him at a breakneck speed. Moments came and went when I thought I lost him, but an occasional flicker of light revealed a darting silhouette. My limbs became nothing more than tools for my survival. Fear and cold numbed my feet so I felt nothing of the harsh forest floor.

Arrows flew. I anticipated a moment of nothingness when one might penetrate my skull and I'd see, feel, taste, smell, and hear no more in this world.

Kaze swiftly turned and said "Stay close to me."

We slid down a bank knotted with roots. A hole had rotted near the base of the trunk just big enough for me and Kaze to enter. I stayed behind him.

"Don't say a word," he urged as he peered around the corner.

My breathing hardened with anticipation. The sounds of distant explosions rattled the leaves. Fire crackled in the distance and a gust of smoke occasionally killed my sense of smell.

Leaves crunched. I flinched in the heat of the moment as Kaze pressed against me for better shelter.

The footsteps fell closer.

A stranger spoke to us in a hollowed tone: "Why do you run? Come with me...." I didn't recognize the voice.

My hands began to quiver in terror. Kaze's hand grasped mine, but it wasn't enough to ease my nerves. Death never felt so close--its breaths heaved across the skin of my neck.


"Who was the man chasing you?" Nile asks Sere.

"It was the commander and chief of the Glorian Army."

"I remember them when I was a child." Nile places his pen on the desk. "They were a ruthless bunch."

Sere nods slowly. "My first encounter with them was ruthless."

Nile places his glasses on the table. "Anything you don't want me to write down, just tell me."

"There is no such thing as privacy. Psychics have been in my head and warped my memories and personality. You may write down anything that I say from here on out."

"Very well." Nile slides his glasses back on, and picks up his pen. "Tell me what year this was again."

"This was some weeks after the Suns Festival." Sere states with deep concentration. "Sixteen years ago, the year 1485-6."

Sere takes a glance down, and shakes her head. "I honestly don't know how I've lived to see 1-7."

Nile shifts through some handwritten papers. "I want to hear all about it, but first, I'm missing some information. What's your full name? Your birthdate? Your birthplace? I need all of this for documentation."

Sere takes a breath and crosses her arms. "I was born in a village that was never on your maps, and sadly it no longer exists. My birth year is 1467-6 and my full name is Serenity Leanna Avalore."

Nile's hand writes so quickly that it's blurred. "That's a beautiful name, if it makes you feel any better. I know this is asking a lot from you to bring up your past."

Sere shakes it off. "It's the only thing I have left of what my parents gave me."

Nile purses and darts his eyes at her. "I see where it says that you have no known family, but you just mentioned your parents."

"It may say that because there is no legal documentation of them ever existing, and the village is gone. To you and anyone I ever talk to, they never existed."

Nile quenches and glances back at his paperwork. "I'm very sorry to hear that...."

"Please, do not apologize. You'll be saying it a lot from now on. You can keep it to yourself."

"Yes Ma'am."

Serenity waits for Nile to write. "Would you like me to continue?"

"Please do."


When the whistle of the arrows and shuffling feet had vanished, we darted deeper into the woods. We intended to make it to Phayton and little did we know that only one of us would get there. The arrows whistled again, but this time more of them cut the air.

Kaze fell to the ground when an arrow struck him in the back of his calf. His screams never left me, and I never left his side either.

"Get out of here. Keep running."

The blood puddled at our knees and seeped into the dirt and compost. He shoved me back angrily once I refused to leave. "You need to keep going. I will be okay. Don't make me do anything I'll regret."

I breathed and wept. "You know I can't do that Kaze. There's nothing left for me--you're it."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me close. "You're going to keep running and don't stop until you see the walls of Phayton."

The Captain of the Glorian Army spoke omnisciently. "Where is the VOT?"

I shrieked as dark figures surrounded us. The glossy whites of their eyes hovered in the near distance, but the captain always stood the closest to us. His voice came from another direction as Kaze squeezed me with one arm. His heart hummed against mine.

"The VOT is not here. I'm the SOW, and that is all you will get," Kaze gritted his teeth and raised his hand. The wind tore at the trees and dusted the air.

The captain of the Glorian Army vanished. "I can predict every move you ever make, so I'd recommend you save your energy before you exhaust yourself."

The Captain paced us like a wild animal caught in a trap.

"Who might this be?"

He grabbed me by the roots of my hair. I screamed, and grabbed his cold hand, but it did nothing.

"Stop! She's harmless! Leave her alone," Kaze pleaded with him.

"You say," he dragged me as he spoke, "That you are the SOW?"

"I'm the SOW. Take me and leave her."

He drew his sword, and I knew it would be over shortly.

Kaze cried out as a burst of wind vibrated the air. I fell flat on the ground as the Captain disappeared and reappeared behind Kaze with his sword against his throat.

Half of my hair sat in the fist of the man. I reached up to my head and a large proportion was missing from my right side.

"I suggest you calm down, boy, before I do something drastic." He rubbed my hair across Kaze's neck, and slid it across his face. "So you're telling me that this is natural? You're telling me that this shade of blue doesn't mean she is the HOS?"

Kaze trembled; his neck swelled against the blade. "She's human. I promise you. She has no abilities."

The Captains attention fell back to me. He tossed the knots of hair in my face.

"I suppose you may keep your whore...just in case she shows any value. The men could use her too."

I crawled back to Kaze. Kaze reached for me.

He pulled me close to his chest.

"I don't know what's going to happen," he whispered to me and twitched. "But I need you to hold on to me."

I reached around his waist and buried my head into his neck.

"This will leave you breathless."

The green of his eyes melted into a bright white as the wind ripped and tore at my clothes. Trees bent and snapped as my ears popped with the sudden rise in air pressure, and the light from the evening sky blinded me even with my eyes shut.

I blinked, however, and the world around me spun violently. Clouds of debris plumed into the violet sky and just when the world became full of light, it went dark again.

His body continued to tremble after the wind ceased to destroy.

...He called me by a name I had never heard of....


The wind had eased. Twigs and dust began to fall upon us as I hardened my expression in confusion.

"What did you call me?"

He looked at me for the first time unlike he's ever looked at me. At that moment, his world changed.

"Your name was Ayva."

Then, the screams and cries for help rose. Bodies began to strike the ground, and we took the opportunity to move as quickly as we could. Kaze's leg continued to bleed--


Nile: "I don't understand. Who is Ayva?"

Sere: "A very powerful woman who taught me everything I know today."

Nile stops writing. "That's not enough."

Sere: "That's all you'll get for right now. Keep writing."


A transparent wall flashed between us, and cut into the dirt and through the debris. I stumbled as Kaze struck it. He fell back. In the distance, a man hurried towards us. I backed against the wall as Kaze beat the wall with his fist, screaming and yelling and calling my name.

Men rose from the rubble. They cried out in help, and in horrid pain. Some crawled in their own blood, gasping. Some didn't move at all. The stranger moving in the distance never acknowledged them. He sped past them as if they didn't exist, not even a glance.

When he approached me, I didn't know what to expect. But he spoke vividly and clearly, "I'm afraid one of you must go with the Glorian Army."

Confusion and fear consumed me and all I could do was shake my head. I didn't know what to think as I backed into the invisible wall. I waited for Kaze to touch me but it never happened.

"This world has been out of balance for quite some time now," the King explained.

Screams continued to fill the background as the Captain of the Glorian Army appeared before Kaze.

"You're kind are the only ones I've never been able to touch," the Captain spoke to the King.

The King hardly acknowledged the Captain's words. The Captain grabbed Kaze by his hair, and jerked his head back. When Kaze tried grabbing his hands, the Captain drew his sword and placed it across his neck.

I screamed and fell against the force field, completely helpless.

The Captain smirked then turned his attention back to Kaze.

"You just killed of eighty percent of my army you worthless piece of shit."

I wept.

"If you pull that again, I'll cut your hands and feet off, throw you in the river and watch you drown in a cloud of your own blood."

The King stood tall and emotionless.

I held my composure.

"I'll comply. I'll go with you."

I struck the wall. "No, no you're not! You're going with me! Don't do this Kaze. We don't have to do this."

The captain let him go and disappeared. Kaze stumbled up to the wall and placed his hands flat with mine.

"Things have to be this way. The world is out of balance, and it's up to us to fix it."

I shook my head. "What are you talking about? No, you're supposed to be with me. You're supposed to go with me. You are all I have left."

"I'll see you again. I promise you I'll see you again. Go with the Phayton Army. They will take care of you."

I beat the wall.

"I was in love with you before I even knew you...." he said.

"Kaze, stop it. Stop this madness!"

"You will understand one day."

"I want to understand now, damnit."

"You will when you wake up."


"I was confused. I didn't understand, but looking back on it, it was okay. He didn't tell me bye. And I didn't tell him that I loved him. I watched him walk away into the sunset--"


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Christopher Poe
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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It's been a good minute since I've really sat down and thought about various words to describe myself. Sadly, I still can't think of many after all these years, all these classes, and after all these accounts and profiles throughout the Internet. It's taken quite a bit of time for me to really open up to the world, and on that note, I suppose that's why I'm really here. Maybe someone will notice me? Not because I'm looking for attention, but because I hope to inspire others to do things as great as I have. I like to be outdone. I love to debate. I love intelligence. So challenge me.
So I'm at a toss up on a name again. This is the male lead character in my novel, and my main characters love interest. 

Sere (sair) is the main character, so I'll need a name that has a good ring to it. My choices are 'Vent' and 'Kaze'. Which one, if either, sounds more appealing?

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